Fino en rama Santa Petronila, December 2016

Two successive posts in relation to this, the smallest bodega in Jerez. On Thursday night a glass of cream, and on Friday night a glass of what to me seems their best wine – the fino en rama – this time in Taberna Verdejo.

The first time I had this wine I had the Saca of December 2015, with a good 10 months in the bottle and I was impressed by how expressive it was. This time it is is the saca from December 2016 with only three months in the bottle and by comparison this one is a shade lighter in colour and seemed a little more restrained and, if anything, fresh and fruity. Hints of green apples and fresh almonds on the nose – the haybales and bakery aromas and flavours are there but only in the background. On the palate again it is fresher – that suggestion of apple and fresh almonds – I didn’t detect the bitter almonds that I remembered – and a nice savoury, zingy edge and fresh finish.

A tasty wine and none the worse for that fruit – even Mrs Undertheflor enjoyed it.



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