Oloroso Tradicion 

This is a 2014 saca from this magnificent bodega’s oloroso and it is brilliant. Seen here in action at a lunch where we were partaking of a few callos and it absolutely excelled.

In colour it is orange/yellow/brown and a lovely shine to it. On the nose a very nice caramel and a touch of citrus – maybe the contrast with the callos we had on the table but it just had a touch of freshness to it.

Then on the palate I find it really excellent – lively and zingy, nice caramel flavour and enough punch. I remember more baked citrus notes in this but this one is neither sour nor astringent – really elegant in fact. Ever since I recommended the pairing so heavily I worry about whether these wines may be like pouring water on a fat fire where callos are concerned but this had that acidic effect of cutting through the fattiness and enough overall structure, even if at the end it does seem to leave a burning tingle. (Today’s callos were particularly spicey.)

A brilliant, elegant wine (and let’s face it, a cracking lunch).




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