Domaine Berthet-Bondet, Cotes du Jura Tradition 2010  

Not a sherry but delicious and one to learn from. This is a Chardonnay/Savignin that has been two years in botas under flor and around four years in the bottle and is really expressive. Picked it up in Enoteca Barolo recently because I wanted to try it with some palomino white wines but couldn’t wait.

The colour is a lively gold, the nose has cheeses, citrus and and alpine meadows with the accompanying flowers. The wine has proper acidity – the difference with a palomino is striking – but has a lot of the fruit-to-herb characteristics you would expect of a palomino with a similar time in the bottle. It has that umami sweet cheese-and-herb flavour and maybe a bit of a clingy finish, although some salinity seems to come through to clean the palate eventually.

Really good – actually one of the nicer Cotes du Jura I have had lately.





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