La Charanga 2014

I didn’t have the chance to study this because I was in a little bit of a daze at the time I came across it but am glad I at least tried it and it impressed me quite a bit.

This is not fortified but is 100% palomino from Pago Mahina, by all accounts a legendary corner of a legendary pago of very pure albariza in the zone to the North of Sanlucar on the heights and inland, said to be under the influence of the river as opposed to the Atlantic. (I said in the original note that I couldn’t get much information and have since been innundated.)

Whereas other wines I have had from Alba (the Sobretabla 2013 Lots I and II and the Confitero 2014) were from Miraflores, and this wine seemed to have a bit more spark. I am not sure how much of this is narrative of the day – I had been talking about this wine earlier (standing on the driving range that was Martin Miguel, la Charanga was pointed out to me) and was keen to try it, – but even accounting for my predisposition, this is an interesting wine alright.

Like the other wines I had tried it had an alcoholic nose (although to be fair it was at room temperature) but whereas the Sobre Tabla reminded me of pineapples this is more herbal or floral. Then on the palate not quite muscle in the Macharnudo sense (this was the day I discovered La Barajuela, after all), but structure and a little bit of power, those nice slightly sweet floral/herb flavours and a long finish, but not clingy – compact and elegant.

Very good. Maybe these guys are onto something!


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