Alba Confitero 2014

A white wine from a single vineyard of palomino in Pago Miraflores this has apparently been fermented in a tank and spent 7 months in a bota, no sulphites added and presumably no filtering.

The colour of it is remarkable – it is semi opaque and looks a bit like a very light style of honey. It also looks like a syrup when you pour it – a really gloopy type pour.

First opened (Saturday) I am finding it very restrained on the nose but it may be a little too cool. What there is is like the nose of a cider – very restrained appley notes. On the palate well, it has acidity no doubt, but it is carrying a lot of jammy apple fruit and seems like some residual sugar. Very like cider.

Coming back to this a day later (Sunday) the nose is in fact more like pineapple juice – it probably was yesterday to be honest. I am finding it much more similar to the Sobre Tabla that I tasted a while back from these guys. Also on the palate, a note somewhere between pineapple and grapefruit. Seems much sweeter than I remembered from yesterday.

I still struggle to understand the concept of this wine – I don’t really see what the makers are trying to achieve here. Having said that, it is another interesting experience in getting to know palomino and its characteristics – maybe there are enough crazy people like me for this to be a profitable exercise (hope so).


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