Fino Pando

I got this for a song from Vila Viniteca (it really is a crime how cheap these wines are) with one of the few remaining 2006 Vintage finos and it is no slouch at all.

This is an 8 year old, 9 criadera fino from fruit (100% palomino fino, of course) from Pago Balbaina (Jerez Superior) by Williams & Humbert and has a cracking ficha (although the translation is a bit tricky and the Spanish version is a bit clearer).

It has a very pale gold colour, a punchy nose with plenty of aromas of citrus and acetaldehydes. It is full bodied and full flavoured too, a real mouthful. The salinity is very mellow, but it is long and lingering and there are ash-like minerals towards the end.

A big, bold fino, in the classic Jerez style.



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