Manzanilla en rama Micaela

I was certain I had tried this manzanilla by bodegas Baron before but in fact back in May I had the straight manzanilla. This one is the en rama which I picked up at the weekend from a cracking little store near my office called Vino & Compania. According to the ficha it is the same age as the straight up manzanilla, at 3-4 years under flor and the chief difference between them is the level of filtering – this one only very lightly filtered with egg whites. There is no indication that I can see of when this was bottled.

It is dark gold and crystal clear (quite a dark gold for a 4 year old wine) and has an interesting nose of copper, metals, somewhere between vegetable and fruit (a sweet tomato ) and sweet herbs. Maybe a little bit of bottle age – but hard to tell. Very gentle salinity first up (although it creeps up on you and tingles on the tongue) and without being massive in flavour it is nicely rounded – again fruit and juicy yeasty herbs.

Not overdone in any way and seems to have more oomph than the filtered version – a really nice little bottle.


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