Manzanilla en rama Micaela (again) 

You have to say the labels are top class on these. Quality packaging won’t solve all the problems in the sherry triangle but it certainly doesn’t hurt. What I particularly like about this one is the floral, colourful greenery – dead right for a manzanilla (even if this one isn’t particularly floral or green).

As to the wine inside, according to the website we are looking at a manzanilla en rama with an average age of 4 years under flor from Jerez Superior fruit (according to another section of the web the family has two vineyards: El Poedo and El Hato, but it is not specified which fruit is in this Micaela).

Like a lot of en ramas it has a brownish, evolved looking colour as you can see above which gives it the appearance of a much older wine.  On the nose there are the big bales of hay you expect but also a sweet, coppery, stewed tomato aroma – a bit disconcerting at first but it improves with time in the glass. On the palate it has a smooth, slightly bitter citrus quality, with well integrated minerals and alcohol that don’t intrude. Lovely long, fresh finish.

Overall a tasty and well integrated wine.

(The penny has now dropped – I did of course review this just a couple of weeks ago. Glad to see that the impressions are similar, but the colour of this one is definitely more evolved.)


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