Desert Island Drams 

 A great pleasure to participate in Desert Island Drams on – really fun idea and some great posts each week. 

I like a dram every once in a while – my big mistake at the end of many a long night out used to be “winding down” with a bottle of the water of life. I can’t claim to be any kind of expert – Andy the amateurdrammer and other true experts have me in awe (in proof terms their job is at least twice as hard as mine). In my experience, however, there is a lot of common experience in drinking sherries and whiskies. 

Not just the use of sherry barrels in some whisky production either: the parallel between the solera and the blending process, and the effects of barrel ageing. Even the drinks themselves: the minerality, barrel influence, finesse. I also think the sherry sector can learn from the success of whisky in recent years. It may be just my relative ignorance speaking but it seems to me there is an ever larger range of quality whiskies around – specific malts, casks and batches – with a focus on quality, individuality and expression. 

And if you don’t believe me – just check out! 


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