Ximenez Spinola Vintage 2014


Wine number three in the PX Party and this is a lovely thing. No mixtures here, a single añada pedro ximenez that is as fresh as a daisy. 

It seems to me that so many of the PX wines that you get are aged and transmit so much barrel (and don’t get me wrong, I love it) that it is really refreshing to have one so full of young life. This reminded me of a lovely Donnhoff that I had once – pure juice. In this case raisin juice. 

You can see the colour, light and fine for a PX, and the nose is a fresh box of California raisins. It is sweet and fruity, syrupy in the mouth, with just a little spicey alcohol kick at the back – enough so that it doesn’t seem sticky.

Really different than the other PX wines so far but a lovely wine. 


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