Ximenez Spinola in La Chula

Going to take a while to write up the notes but couldn’t resist blogging the moment as it were – a whole lot of Jerez Pedro Ximenez here. Four wines from Ximénez Spinola, a really interesting family owned bodega in Jerez that focuses only on PX  wines (you should check this fantastic profile by Sherry Notes). They make four such wines: these four. They also make some pretty dangerous brandies: sweet and juicy enough to swig down when you really ought not to.

You have to admit that the packaging is fantastic, the labels have that new-old shtick, there is a lot of information and some nice looking stamps, signatures etc., numbered bottles of limited releases. A slight gripe would be the bottle shapes: all different shapes, perfect for anyone with four different racks for them but not great for anyone else. Another odd feature is the cork: agglomerated, which I didn’t expect in such high end bottles, but literally covered in information, which I haven’t seen before. Just check this out (perfect in case you leave them too long in the ice bucket so the labels come off, and you have already had too many to remember them by bottle shape).

As for the tasting, it was a tricky one – these wines got sweeter as I went along the line, making it near impossible to go back and forth. Nevertheless, it was really interesting to have a look at the different styles made from the PX.

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