Ximenez Spinola Pedro Ximenez 

Final wine from the PXalooza – now the old Pedro Ximenez. Love the label above, which explains that this wine “whose selection and ageing is the work of the successors of Don Phelipe Antonio Zarzana Spinola according to the traditional method initiated by the right Don “Peter Siemens” whowas also known by the name “Pedro Ximenez””. This is either a new high watermark on the blarney scale or a fantastic little factoid – who knows.

Anyway, the wine itself is a nice, appetising, rich brown in colour (but not the coalpit black brown of some). The nose is full of raisins but has a much more pronounced brown sugar, golden syrup to it – takes it clear of the figgyness of the earlier wines.

The texture in the mouth is semi-syrupy but despite all the sugar it is very fresh and light up front, grows to a massive mouthful of raisins in the middle, and then there is a nice spicey bite back – concentrated raisin skin maybe – albeit not quite the dark chocolate of black coffee of some of the real old PXs. I am a little surprised because I had associated that style with Jerez and this is the Jerez PX par excellence, but this is more in keeping with the fruity fresh vintage than some of the old dogs I have tasted.

A very nice example of a PX and very drinkable.


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