The wordwide brotherhood (and sisterhood) of sherry


Until kicking this little project off it never occurred to me that there were already sherry blogs but there were, there are, and some of them are absolutely excellent.

First, it is often said that the English “know” jerez in a way that the Spanish do not. I am here to tell you this is not true: the highest quality wine writing I have read is on Spanish blogs of every kind, much of it demonstrating a technical knowledge far beyond anything I have read in English. One of these days I will get myself organized and post my recommendations.

There are, however, some fantastic enthusiasts around the world with an outstanding level of expertise and passion for sherry:

  • Sherry Notes an excellent, far more thoroughly researched blog than mine by a real expert based in Belgium;
  •, an absolute gem of a blog from Scotland that just radiates enjoyment and enthusiasm;
  • The Vine Inspiration – an Irish blogger on fine wines, the man loves sherry alright (more power to him!);
  • although not a blog as such, The Whisky Kiwi is an enthusiast located in Scotland and also well worth following on twitter;
  • Sherry Sips – another cracking blog by a real enthusiast based on the West Coast of the US -really excellent range of articles and posts; and
  • Paula’s Sherry Blogone of the most impressive tasting lists I have seen – and a collection of superbly chosen articles and posts, again from a blogger based in Scotland.

I really recommend you visit these blogs.  More than anything they are a great group who have been extraordinarily welcoming to me and my little contribution – they have made me feel like a member of a worldwide brotherhood and whatever Grouch Marx may have said, I am very proud t be a member of this particular club.

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