Undertheflor – the first 6 months

Just realized it was six months ago yesterday that I first started playing around with WordPress in an idle moment. The time certainly seems to have flown by. In those first 182 days I have apparently posted 167 times (think that includes this one), and been visited nearly 4,000 times by around 1,500 visitors from IP addresses in over 40 countries.

I have learned a few things along the way. The first was that I really did, as the cliché goes, know virtually nothing. Not only was I not aware of the existence of other sherry blogs, neither was I aware of many of the sources of excellent reading that I have stumbled across since. The best I have read in the last six months was a superb piece by Alvaro Giron Sierra on the Vila Viniteca blog which really got me thinking and which I highly recommend (one day I will translate it).

Highlights so far? The most amazing wine was Toneles, although the best, from a very good group, may have been Privilegio and the most exciting was this weekend’s Callejuela Manzanilla de Añada. Most amazing pairing was a spectacular combination of roast garlic and palo cortado in Mugaritz which also lead me to one of my favourite posts, you win somm, you lose somm, while other favourites would be How to be a bad sherry blogger (although you should really read the original book) and the Magic Numbers (the truth of which I think is borne out by the sheer number of Equipo Navazos wines that have featured on here).

All in all, I have certainly enjoyed it so far – hope some of those 1,500 visitors have too.


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