The Cuatrogatos Wine Fest 2018

It is back: the Cuatrogatos Wine Fest III – on February 24 in Puerto de Santa Maria.

To be specific, you will find the merriment taking place in a tent at the bottom of the garden of the Hotel Duques de Medinaceli between the hours of 11:00 and 19:00 (although I wouldn’t expect full readiness at 11:00).

It is the big event run by the fantastic Federico Ferrer of the Cuatrogatos Wine Club and knowing him will involve laughter, and wine, in that order, and in great quantities. The list of bodegas is class:

Quinta Milú, Almaroja, Verónica Ortega, Primitivo Collantes, Juan Piñero, Lagar de Sabariz, Cota45, Mayetería Sanluqueña, Entre os Ríos, Barco del Corneta, Alexander Jules, Viña La Callejuela, Coto de Gomariz-Xose Lois Sebio, Luis Pérez, Forlong, Casa Castillo, Celler Pardas, 4OJOS Wines, Goianea Koop -Txakoli UNO, De la Riva and Clos Lentiscus

and there will also be some quality tastings throughout the day.

In any event, it is highly recommended – as the extensive coverage of last year’s festivities probably gives you an idea.

See you down there!


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