I haven’t been to Wilda yet, but all the cool kids are going so I couldn’t resist lifting a few pictures off twitter and sharing (let’s be honest if I took my own they would be rubbish).

Here is what I know: it looks cool; the people behind it are top quality; Calle del Leon 9 is in Huertas, strategically located halfway between Angelita and La Fisna; they have a cracking list of wines by the glass (including 14 wines you will find on the pages of this blog, and a couple of little beauties too); and they are not open on Mondays or Tuesdays. (I am really hoping they are open on Friday at lunchtime – we shall just have to see.)

That is all I can tell you for the moment: for more information I strongly recommend following their adventures on twitter at @vinosfelinos. Or even better, get down to Calle del Leon and get in there.


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