International Sherry Week 2017


I don’t know what it is about International Sherry Week but every year it catches me on the hop, in utter turmoil, and completely disorganized. Instead of a carefully planned and finely tuned social media campaign over several weeks I end up writing a post like this at the last minute and then shamefacedly sneaking into a couple of tastings – if I have time (which is not guaranteed).

But anyway, there is quite literally no excuse for not getting your sherry on next week. In Madrid alone there will be no fewer than 135 events – something like 20 per day – in Spain there are 773 and there are hundreds more worldwide: you can find them all on this fantastic tool on the official web. There are dinners, tastings, and drop ins of all kinds, and it really is the perfect opportunity to try a few new things whether you are a hardcore sherry fan already or just a curious winelover.

So with apologies for the short notice, get your sherry on everybody!


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