Champagne & Jerez –


I wanted to share this cracking post on (for me the top site on champagnes in Spain) about the points in common between these two great regions, the challenges they face and the prospects for the future. It is a really thoughtful summary (in Spanish) of the parallels between these two regions – something that I have always thought to be true – and it is excellent to read a confirmation from the point of view of someone who is not only a “sherry” fan.

I also happen to agree whole-heartedly with the sentiments expressed, and in particular:

  • The importance of the vine and viticulture;
  • In turn, the importance of the soil – the craie and the albariza – and the complexity of the wines they make possible;
  • The bravery of the small producers that are making the case for viticulture and terroir;
  • The shared characteristics of the wines, and in particular the influence of the yeasts involved;
  • The potential for bottle ageing of the wines; and
  • The versatility of the wines in gastronomy and as pairings.

It really is a cracking post and I recommend reading it in full. Alvaro also suggests meeting up in Segovia to discuss with a few bottles on the table and lest there be any doubt I am available for that particular seminar if selected.


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