Manzanilla en Rama Barbiana

This is a class manzanilla, one that I have had frequently over the years and could not believe I had never written a note about it this (evidently incomplete, shambolic and half arsed) blog. I had this last evening at the bar of la Malaje where it is part of a pretty cracking list of sherries by the glass: no longer just a haven for fans of Montilla Moriles. On the contrary this is a classic manzanilla from Delgado Zuleta in Sanlucar (they acquired B Rodriguez de la Cave in 1978 ).

The colour is slightly darker/blacker gold than most, and it has a salty/herbal/citric nose to it – brings to mind the wild plants on sand dunes by the sea. On the palate it is compact, with a sharp entry, a tasty, nutty and herby middle and a long, mouth watering finish.

A classic manzanilla with a bit of character to it (and a shocking omission from the blog up to now).


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