Vila Viniteca

Behold the magnificent cover of the Vila Viniteca catalogue for 2017 – fantastic stuff.

The contents are even more heartening for devotees of the traditional wines of Andalucia  – 200 top end wines from Jerez and Sanlucar and another 55 from Montilla Moriles. It is a superb and growing selection (in 2015 I count a total of 183) and there are some unique and expensive wines there (and here I refer to the three pages of sherries, not the rest of the tome).

Kudos to Vila Viniteca, which although based in Barcelona has a fantastic tasting room here in Madrid and has played a nice little role in the sherry “revolution”. Their blog has been a forum for some really top class posts (this one by Armando Guerra and this one by Alvaro Giron stand out), they have organized some first class tastings down the years and sherry also gets a look in at their Cata por parejas and La Musica del Vi – two of the standout events on the Spanish wine-tasting scene. Most importantly they have this cracking selection of wines – some interesting stuff and, as I mentioned, a really strong selection at the top end.

Great to see and I look forward to going through this catalogue in detail.



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