El Amontillado Olvidado 1/5

Have been curious about this wine for a while. By Sanchez Romate, the name is evocative – the “forgotten amontillado” – and I am a big fan of its nephew the “Fino Perdido“. I have also seen it on the Coalla Gourmet website a few times but nearly always sold out – more luck this time.

As the name indicates this was until recently “forgotten” in the cellars, reportedly for 25 years in 1000 litre toneles, and there is no doubt that despite its lightish brown shade it is a wine of real age and concentration. It has a pronounced, piercing nutty wood polish nose, then one of those sizzling mouthfuls – an entry of baked apple flavours then acidic bite and then mouthwatering salinity – a bitter wood and burnt walnut finish. But a lot of sizzle  – the tongue is cooking away for ages after it is gone. 

Worth the wait – quite a little handful and another top class wine. 


6 thoughts on “El Amontillado Olvidado 1/5

      1. Don’t know if it is even available in Spain – but you can get it from the Wine Society or (oddly) Fortnum & Mason. Let me know if you can’t find it and would like some…


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