Oloroso Solera 1842 

I am not big into the sweeter wines but I thought this one – a VOS from Valdespino – was worth a dip. Neither is it all that sweet – you would say abocado or encabezado (not sure what the order is) and since it calls itself an oloroso I guess it is under 15% PX. 

Not all that expressive first up – came out of the wine fridge at 11 degrees and may be a little on the cool side.  A bit of a woody aroma like a pine forest and a nice a grapey/nuttiness to it on the palate. Very nicely integrated and balanced but I must admit I expected more oomph.

Will come back to this one. 


5 thoughts on “Oloroso Solera 1842 

    1. Really? I must say I find that very surprising – it is clearly abocado con something and it also has a raisin flavour that I identify with PX. Are we talking a sweet palomino oloroso like the Lustau 1997?


      1. No all wines made with Pedro Ximenez grapes are sweet. You can taste Montilla finos elaborated 100% with PX and that are dry. I can suggest Fino Capataz from Alvear and your nose is not going to detect any sweetness.
        The contrary is also true. Palomino wines can be sweet. Most of the wines made in Jerez are 100% palomino fino, and the range of wines go from finos to olorosos. The sweetness is provided by glicerine, which come from the oxidative aging.
        Wines named Pedro Ximenez are made with raisins, and are quite sweet, that’s the reason of the misunderstanding.
        I hope to explain this properly, my english is clearly below average.
        Congratulations for your blog. I enjoy it a lot.


    1. Ah ok – that makes more sense to me and I knew it wouldn’t be very much.

      I take your point about the dry PX wines – have tasted a fair few of them on this blog!


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