I honestly do not remember what this Bourbon is called but it was the second of two at a splendid Washingtonian dinner this week and as refined and razor sharp as anyone could wish. 

I don’t know what the first one was called either – this is probably a low point in blogging terms – but they were night and day, horizontal and vertical, butter and toffee. 

In fact neither do I remember what the difference was in terms of the barrels used. Do I win a prize? 


2 thoughts on “Bourbon 

  1. It’s Blanton’s Original Single Barrel, a Kentucky bourbon that is always bottled from a single barrel (so each bottle can theoretically be a little different). Like all bourbons, matured in new, charred American oak, but this one has a nicely dry, spicy character besides the caramel flavours.

    I don’t like the Spanish habit of using cognac glasses for whisk(e)y but Blanton’s is certainly a nice bourbon!


    1. Cheers Ruben I have in fact been provided with the information and am indeed hoping to write up the note. The picture was taken in Washington DC!


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