Fino Cesar Florido

A brief sojourn in Detroit in the company of at least one wine lover and although I hadn’t brought any sherry with me I was taken to a cracking market. Once there I picked up a few bottles – one of which is the above referenced. 

By Cesar Florido in Chipiona this is not a sherry and does not have the DO’s official seal. Nevertheless, it is 100% palomino aged for three years under flor and in a solera in a seaside town on the coast a few miles down from Sanlucar so it is not that far away. This had also spent a fair bit of time in the bottle – I reckon it was bottled in 2010 (so trade may have been sluggish).

It has an old look to it – the straw gold just a little tarnished-, and on the nose it has that pungency of bitter almonds and salty water. On the palate too it has a seawater like salinity – voluminous and warm but not zingy really. First up the flavours are of those bitter almonds but then the bitterness seems to fade and it has a nice chewy, soft almond finish. 

Not strictly speaking a sherry but not a bad little bottle at all. 


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