Manzanilla de añada Callejuela 2012 – 2/11 

After a special week this is a special wine.

A week ago I was feeling a bit of burnout – really tough month with everything going on around the world and to be honest I was ready for some holidays. A couple of nights out with the boys and a long chat with one of the most inspiring winemakers around changed that – and the arrival of this, one of my favourite projects – also helped (thanks to the Cuatrogatos).

It has the same fresh, lemony gold colour as the first bota, but the nose while fruity has a touch more sea breeze. Then on the palate it has a much more explosive zinginess – salinity and sapidity. Still has a good mouthfull of fruit but a little bit spicier and much finer, more vertical and direct. Then a long, long mouthwatering finish. Am watching the Open as I sup and the boys have played their putts and my mouth is still watering.

A definite step up and a much bigger step up than I expected from the first saca. This is a proper manzanilla alright.


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