Fino y amontillado de la familia

At first I was alarmed that my team in the office had discovered my blog (will have to be careful about posting at lunchtime) but I was very touched when one of my colleagues brought me these from the family vault in Aguilar de la Frontera.

The “fino” is apparently a bota they have had for 30 years that gets refreshed with mosto year after year. It doesn’t seem to have developed flor but there is just a bit of oxidation and the result is a potent little wine – big farmyard and baked apple nose on it, no real acidity but big in profile on the palate, again with baked apples, and pretty long. Very tasty.

The amontillado – said to be from great grandad’s day – is even better. Very nice caramel and nuts on the nose and palate, again potent and dry but not too salty or astringent. A bit of alcoholic heat but the sort of wine you could drink a lot of.

Two cracking wines and a great way to start the weekend. Many thanks!


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