Ovni Palomino Fino 2015 

This was a very pleasant surprise I must say – the generous chaps at Coalla Gourmet threw this (and its twin) in with the last case of sherries I bought from their brilliant online store and, although it took me a while to realize what had happened (said case was stored while I was not around to supervise) it was a doubly pleasant surprise to find it in the cabinet when the time came.

Not the first time I have tried it and I refer to that first review for the background. It is a sobretabla with six months under flor – so an example of a palomino white wine with just a little biological ageing. Very pale as you can see, it has a lot of the aromas of a “mosto” in the nose (think farmyard!), as you would imagine, but has a little bit of mineral bite to it.

I think it could do with being a little cooler than the 12 degrees of my wine cabinet so it has gone into the fridge, but that is no bad thing as the summer starts to warm up.

Many thanks guys and don’t mind if I do!


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