Sudestada is a brilliant spot – one of Madrid’s best pan-asiatic restaurants (and I mean pan-asiatic – tonight we had nems, samosas, tandoori and panueng, with the house caipirinhas).  It is also a real fun place for dinner – finger food, both hands food, dipping sauces – it is enjoyably messy at times – and a cracking list of cocktails. I hadn’t been for a couple of years and really can’t explain why: a testament to all Madrid’s great restaurants I suppose. 

I am even more surprised now to be honest because just look at that list of wines by the glass above. I think in any circumstances it is a fantastic list of wines from Jerez and Sanlucar, and not just any wines either: top class wines by Equipo Navazos. 15 not counting brandies – remarkable. Indeed the wine list is pretty excellent all round – not massive but some really well chosen wines. 

The wines of Jerez and Sanlucar work perfectly here too – the structured profile, body and punchiness of them is superb with the spices and fragrant leafy herbs that seem to cover all the plates. Tonight I had la Bota de Fino 54 and la Bota de Palo Cortado 52 – two classic, elegant creations and they were just ideal. Really excellent dinner in fact – won’t be years before I go back.


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