Fino en rama 2009, saca de febrero 2016, Williams Coleccion Añadas

This is the second of these vinos de añada that I have tried “in the wild” (as opposed to the box I have captive at home) and another very interesting experience. (In fact in addition to being of interest due to its static ageing it also from an interesting spot of terroir: although it doesn’t have any indication on the bottle, a knowledgeable source tells me it is made with fruit from the oldest vines in Añina and Carrascal (Jerez).)

Anyway, whereas the previous example I had tried was an oloroso that had been statically aged – i.e., not included in a solera, but in a butt on its own – this is a fino and thus has been under its very own veil of flor for seven years (which is pretty good going without being refreshed). As such it would be comparable to other statically aged biological wines like the Williams Fiño de Añada, in particular, but also the Callejuela Añada, the Barajuela, and the Encrucijado on this blog (although they have had much less time under flor), or like a vin jaune, if you want to look further afield.

Had this at lunch in Restaurante Vinoteca Garcia de la Navarra with a good mate and the speed of conversation didn’t leave much room for note taking. However, as you can see it is a dark, evolved colour (although I think my pictures exaggerate the share a little) but then has a fruitful, sweet but “sherryfied” nose. On the palate it is rich and full bodied in texture – I had the sense that there was more glycerine than you would expect for a wine with seven years under flor (certainly more than I remember from the 2006 Vintage)- and again gave an impression of fruity sweetness, like the flesh of the grape, while the minerals were very refined.

Quite a delicate structure to it overall and in addition to being fascinating extremely easy to drink.




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