Viña Matalian 2014

I have found this wine fascinating since I came across the mosto from Finca Matalian in the Pitijopos and tasted the 2013 last year. (In fact I hunted down all the wines from Finca Matalian – a really interesting set too.)

First, props to the label – Finca Matalian is apparently albariza and only 7km from the sea and the white/green/waves motif is perfect. Having said that, the 2015 has a new label again, which is also cracking, and at least helps us identify the añada (since the label cannot, I understand, indicate the year).

As for the wine iself, it has a very refined mineral, almond, and herb (rosemary) character to it, and just a hint of chalky texture. And boy is it a pleasant thing to drink – a refreshing 11% and while it doesn’t come across as acidic it doesn’t seem to have any edges either.


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