Fino Alexander Jules may 2015 

I must say I feel more than a little envious, and in awe, of this guy. Listen to this:

Alexander Jules is my label of barrel selected sherries. I search the Sherry Triangle for soleras I love in unique and great bodegas, tasting each barrel in the solera, marking with chalk those I feel to be the most complex and elegant, or those that reflect the profile I would like to bring out from within the solera. All bottlings are en rama, being only gently filtered or entirely unfiltered and, starting in 2014, no sulfites are added.

The label reference indicates that this wine has been taken from 4 botas selected from 65 in a solera of Juan Piñero (hence the 4/65). The reference to Juan Piñero makes me wonder: are we talking about Fino Camborio? If so the result is surprisingly different. But it is indeed and the reason is explained perfectly in this superb note on the website.

And the wine is as good as you might expect. If you like big yeasty finos you will love this. Old gold colour, big hay bales, nuts and minerals on the nose. In the mouth it is silky, sapid and tasty – easy, cool entry, real salty zing on the tongue and the sides of the mouth and then big yeasty flavours. Seems to last for ages – and keeps on making the mouth water too.

Only a 1000 of them bottled so get hold if you can.


6 thoughts on “Fino Alexander Jules may 2015 

  1. Thank you! To answer your question, it is from the Camborio solera, yes, but from a 65 barrel portion in a separate room that they don’t normally use for the Camborio bottling.


    1. Many thanks for your comment and yes indeed – so I saw once I turned to investigate but it may not have been clear due to my stream of consciousness/chapuzas style of blogging. Very interesting – one of the clearest examples of barrel selection I know of because the contrast between the Camborio – which is very distinctive – and your selection is quite remarkable. Have got the manzanilla in the old minibar and may well have at it soon!


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