Oloroso Maestro Sierra 

Tasted this next to the last glass of the Cruz Vieja “oloroso en rama” and as you can see there is quite a difference in colour and clarity.

To be honest I prefer the cleaner look to the Maestro Sierra – a nice chestnut red-brown. On the nose it is nice and bright, a sweet woody oxidated aroma (maybe overripe fruit) with a touch of polish and alcohol.

On the palate it has some acidic, alcoholic buzz and then intense fruity (again, there is a flavour of raisiny, oxidated fruit that reminds me a bit of an over-ripe Chateauneuf or a big jammy Douro red), woody, caramel flavours – medicinal and slightly bitter.  Not too astringent or drying, but although it lasts in the mouth the sweeter tastier notes seem to fade quickly.

A bright, sharp oloroso – this would be great with a spicey stew.


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