Alba Confitero Metodo Ancestral 2014

This is quite something – a 100% palomino from the “Confitero” vines in Pago Miraflores that has been made into sparkling wine by the “ancestral method” (essentially, fermentation in the bottle using its own sugars and yeast).

It is a lively gold in colour – a hint of green. A nice nose of cider apples, citrus and minerals, cheese, even.

Not the longest lasting stream of bubbles – second glass has come out foamy more than anything. (Another mini bottle rant here – this bottle came with a beer cap which made it impossible to open without losing some – not sure if these last two issues are related.)

On the palate it is dry but there are the same fruit flavours of other palomino creations – apple verging on pineapple, turning to a bitter tonic flavour at the finish.


3 thoughts on “Alba Confitero Metodo Ancestral 2014

  1. Very interesting blog! Alba is a great discover and it is the creation of a very close friend of me (very proud). You should taste more of his wines. I spent last weekend in Sanlucar. Best regards


    1. Yep hats off to them – they are certainly pushing the boundaries and judging by the prices they are winning the argument too! I will keep plugging away alright – many thanks for the comment and hope I can get down there at some point too. Cheers


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