Bottle shape rant 

Am upgrading my rant to post status.

On the left above we have the Regente Palo Cortado in its new packaging, bottled in a stockier, you could say dumpier, “old school” bottle. To be fair, they look original, interesting and even attractive on the shelf – all very minimal and elegant. And they are not the only brand to be making use of original and attractive packaging: off the top of my head the most extreme examples include the Barbadillo Reliquias, Manzanilla la Kika, and the Old and Plus range (again from Sanchez Romate).

But on the other hand, I do find all these different shaped bottles a bit taxing – a fella only has so much storage capacity in his wine fridge and wines that depart from the standard bordelais are as easy to store as square pegs in round holes. I also think there are problems from the point of view of the image of the wine. I believe sherries are wines that need to be packaged as such – by chosing random bottle shapes labels are reinforcing the alarming idea that sherry is some sort of exotic liqueur.

What is more, the cork/stopper on this is also an attractive rounded shape, but when I took the plastic seal off the top there was moisture/stickiness there: if the wine is escaping we need to talk about our priorities here guys.

OK, rant over.


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