La Bota de Amontillado 58 – “Navazos”

Equipo Navazos release some exciting, top class wines, and when, as this week, the new releases are on offer from Coalla Gourmet then it is just too good an opportunity to pass up.

This wine is also right up my street. It is a new saca from the bota that gave us the luscious Bota 37 and it is tremendous. These Equipo Navazos wines often have fascinating back stories and this one is no different. The original botas were bought by Valdespino from Hijos de Raniera P. Marín (most famous for La Guita) and then topped up with unfortified manzanilla pasada – making it a “natural amontillado” with an average age of around 22 years.

The resulting wine is a gorgeous rich, dark amber colour – looks for all the world like the golden syrup I use to sweeten my porridge of a morning – and also has a slightly sweet nose of honey and caramel on top of hay bales (which takeover as the wine opens out) and spicey herbs. A really cracking nose for a 20 year old amontillado.

On the palate it goes the journey as they say – after the honey sweet nose at first it is dry, acidic/zingy and has an intensity and noticeably salinity, then it opens out into a  big structure of caramel and herbs and fades to a noticeably smokey, burnt sugar finish. It is long and delicious and slightly sticky.

Really excellent – the 37 was a lovely wine and the three years in those botas have only made it more interesting.


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