Fernando de Castilla Antique Amontillado

Recovered from my cold and stoked by recent feasting on grilled sardines I feel in the mood for a bit of this amontillado by Bodegas Rey Fernando de Castilla, one of my favourite makers.

On the eye it is just slightly dull brown – definitely more of a yellow brown than the rich red or orange brown of some older amontillados and not quite as crystalline either.

It has a rich nose alright – little bit of the Christmas orange (the one with all the cloves stuck in it), some Christmas tree/pine needles too, even some tobacco and old books. Maybe a little lacking in caramel – in the background at best – and for me it isn’t quite harmonious, but it is certainly an interesting nose.

On the palate it is watery in texture and for me doesn’t quite live up to the nose. It has a nice zingy start, a spicey breadth and a pleasant finish – just maybe lacks an ounce of volume/yeasty umami.

A really spicey smelling glass and an enjoyable tipple – a really good amontillado all around.

And you certainly get the truth and the whole of the truth – just look at these particles: no wonder it tastes dusty!

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