Alabaster (bar)

We reach a new low point in terms of blogging skills – I was about to write about the range of sherries on offer by the glass at Alabaster and I realized that I took no pictures whatever of the list of sherries, or even of the establishment. To my further chagrin, the sherries do not appear anywhere on the (excellent) wine list that appears on the web.

From memory, I recall seeing La Jaca (manzanilla), Micaela (manzanilla), Xixarito Manzanilla Pasada, La Ina, Tio Pepe en rama (2015), La Bota de Manzanilla (Equipo Navazos), and La Panesa and the prices from €3 a glass to €7, I think, for La Panesa. I think there may have been a px too. I will try and get a picture because it really is a well chosen sherry list – and an excellent by glasses offering in the bar, with two cavas, two champagnes, no fewer than 7 vermouths and probably 10 white and 10 red wines.

No doubt about it, Alabaster is sherry-fan friendly.

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