El Tresillo Amontillado Fino

This is really excellent wine.

It is a beautiful dark gold in colour – a deep amber. It looks frankly delicious. On the nose it has a fine quality that I am beginning to think of as the hallmark of Emilo Hidalgo, and sweet aromas of nutty toffee – toasted almonds or even honey roasted peanuts, maybe just a little bit of hay bale at the end to remind you of the flor. A lovely nose, no doubt.

It is also super elegant on the palate. In texture it is very light, a very refined oil, fatty but not too much.  Flavourwise it has real shape to it: it starts quietly, with a cool, buttery toffee type entry, but expands into unexpectedly intense salty, slightly zingy, alcoholic toffee flavours. Very long finish – a little bitter and very savoury after all the sweetness in the nose and the tip of the tongue but just about in balance.

I had this with some sweetbreads and salty roasted vegetables here in my favourite watering hole but to be honest I then had a second glass on its own and it was even better. Really a superb wine, and for me head and shoulders above the (very few) other amontillado finos you see around.


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