Fino en Rama Arroyuelo, February 2015

By Primitivo Collantes in Chiclana de la Frontera, this is an unfiltered “unpercolated” en rama from a saca from botas number 36, 92, 118 and 205 – on February 4 this year. (All this came of the hand adjusted label – quite a lot of data as is the modern way.)

It is boldy coloured and has a strong nose (a combination of green grass, herbs and citrus cheese – like a Comte). It is then no surprise in the mouth – at the big, fruity, herby end of the scale. Despite the herbal promise, and maybe because of all those strident flavours, it is not all that long and doesn’t keep it shape very well – sort of fades away to a slightly bitter ending.

On the whole it is not a very delicate wine for a fino – not really my bag.


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