Fino Cuatro Palmas 

Apologies for the repetition but I do believe that any time you drink a wine of this quality you should take time to appreciate it. 

The colour is a beautiful deep brown – just a hint of orangey chestnut and it is as clear as a bell (unlike the bottle it came out of – which looks distinctly primeval at the bottom). On the nose there are a lot of notes: toffee, refined sugar and orangey fruit, maybe even Terrys chocolate orange – and some alcohol. You could almost say there is a bit of Glenmorangie about it. 

First sip, not big or fat on the tongue and maybe a little bitter – a bit of acidity, heat and burnt toffee. But it is not at all astringent or unbalanced and the toffee and even nearly chocolate flavours come through as it goes on, and on. It is so long it is unbelievable – and keeps its full shape too. 

Really a very fine wine. 

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