Mirando al Sur

Definitely a ringer but a lovely one. A Rioja white wine – 100% viura – by the livewire man of the moment, Olivier Riviere, which makes it onto this blog because it spends 18 months in oak botas used to make jerez.

It is a rich gold in colour – not un-sherry like (indeed not unlike a good white Rioja). On the nose it is rich and fruity – maybe just the slightest suggestion of almonds and bread in the background. On the palate it has nice acidity, plenty of body to it and maybe just a bit more spice than you would expect – it is certainly long and fading towards the nutty flavours (maybe more hazelnut than almond).

The sherry influence is subtle – in this day and age of florpowers and aged palominos (of which more another time) this is more of a finished product. Overall, a (very nice) white wine with some sherry styling (and all the better for it).


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