Up in the air

Iberia have played a blinder here. What a joyous sight these two little fellas are for a thirsty traveller after a dry day. (Doubly so since there is normally nothing worse than the 21:30 flight home – always delayed – so this is most welcome.) In the circumstances I am going to overlook the stemware and just enjoy.

These little lads seem less aromatic than yesterday’s (see previous sentence) and with these salty nuts a lot of the flavour and salinity seems to blend to the background: the wine seems to have a bigger mosto component and more pronounced alcohol.  Once the (salted, packaged) nuts are out of the way though you start to taste the full range – still a touch of mosto but also the olives, yeasty bread, and (unsalted) almond.

A little gem of a wine and like a true friend (or a motown singer) always there when you need him.

And just look at this lad! As we begin our descent towards Madrid, an Alfonso Oloroso – all burn and caramel. If only the flight were longer etc.


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