Brothers at arms


I thought (inspired by the pugnacious tweeting of @Harley1199) that it would be interesting to see if I can tell these two lads apart fully blind.

On the left, a halfie of the famous Tio Pepe – a classic fino with five years under flor with a street value of €3.47 (it is a halfie remember). On the right, its flash, fashionable unfiltered brother – recently bottled, limited in production and available at €15.25.

Bit of a false start because the first attempt was not blind enough. The en rama is a deeper gold (it is on the left below) – actually more obvious from a distance, curiously.


So in the end this is the set up (with lights off just in case).


Still clearly distinguishable. 

There is a nutty aroma and flavour to the original  Tio Pepe that is not there in its, maybe more herbal, but not as nutty, brother. In fact it was easier to identify the Tio Pepe than the en rama (I have after all been drinking the original for over ten years). It is a lovely wine – dry, elegant, aromatic. A real treat. But well done to the plucky runner up!


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