Fino Caberrubia

Any of my regular 20 or so readers will know that I am quite partial to a drop of La Barajuela Fino, so it shouldn’t be a great surprise to hear that the little that I have of this is not going to last long.

Many of the things that make the Barajuela Fino one of the great wines of the world are here: the terroir and old vines (el corregidor, in Carrascal de Jerez), the winemaker (Willy Perez) and the very philosophy of making wine.

The difference are those two letters: NV. Non vintage. And I love it. There is no more eloquent, elegant way of making your argument in favour of vintages than this. The only question is: why aren’t the 99,9% of bottles coming out of Jerez that aren’t vintage properly labelled?

This wine is from the last couple of harvests – the 2015 fino that never appeared and the 2016 – and is so close to the Barajuela Fino itself that it is a joy to sup on. That combination of blossom, white fruit and savoury, that wine-like elegance.

The NV of the world indeed. Absolutely cracking.


2 thoughts on “Fino Caberrubia

  1. I am proud to be one of your more or less regular readers (I also read Ruben’s sherrynotes). I am counting down the days until I head down to the provincia de cadiz for the spring feria season. I cannot wait to get the best tortillitas de camardones of the provincia de cadiz at casa balbino in Sanluar. I also intend to visit bodegas in other provinces and DOs that make sherry style wines in the DO Condado de Huelva and in the DO Montilla Moriles. I have not been to madrid in ages, but if I ever go there again, I will definitely use your blog as an Inspiration for restaruants and bars in Madrid.


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