Lunch in Taberna Palo Cortado

Your average Friday in Palo Cortado means a lineup of wines that you cannot find anywhere else.

Absolutely outstanding stuff today, helping wash down some chicharrones, carne mechá, tomatoes, octopus and pluma iberica, starting with Beta, the tasty, biscuity Sanlucar bubbles from Barbadillo, via an outstanding 1952 amontillado from Toro Albala (the other place), a Marques de Poley Amontillado (also t o p), a gorgeous Harveys oloroso (from Jerez but supertop) and finishing with the Wellington palo cortado from Sanlucar and a whiskery old Garvey oloroso.

Or not quite finishing because there was time for another glass of Beta – which was really good – and a last sup of the Atamán Inquina – a lovely bitter-sweet and surprisingly drinkable tonic.

Absolutely outstanding – I have said before that we don’t deserve Palo Cortado and there has been no better demonstration than today. Viva!


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