La Bota 59 de Manzanilla Pasada – Capataz Rivas

Another intriguing bottle of manzanilla pasada from Equipo Navazos. After the 60 last week in Media Ración, the last glass of the 59 in Madrid Angelita.

These are lovely, lively wines. Such a buzz off this – talk about length, my mouth is still vibrating and salivating as I write. Heat in that salinity, and after the elegant, sweet to bitter palate it is really something. The nose too is like a very subtle salty caramel – caramel notes on top and bitter and salt underneath. Both the nose and the palate have a slight bitter note that I don’t remember when it came out and that I associate with the bottle age – even if it is only a couple of years.

But this is impeccable as a wine – really fantastic stuff.


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