La Bota de Fino 68 – Macharnudo Alto 

When I first had this six months ago I was really impressed and when offered another glass today I jumped on it. It didn’t let me down. Not quite as flashy – I remembered an absolutely stinging salinity – but sharp enough, and full of the spicey cider, toasted almond, savoury nutty bread flavours I remembered. The minerals are still there too – makes your mouth water almost like a manzanilla, giving it a super fresh finish.

A really top class wine – a little cut above its cousin, the classic Inocente fino from Valdespino.






3 thoughts on “La Bota de Fino 68 – Macharnudo Alto 

  1. The only thing I’d disagree with here is that this is a ‘little’ cut above Inocente. I know this is a specific butt from the Inocente solera but, unbelievably accomplished large-production wine as Inocente is (and my go-to fino of choice), it can’t hold a candle to the complexity of this one. I thought the same with Bota 54 as well, which was an earlier version of this one. Absurd comparison I know, but putting the Inocente side-by-side with these two is like comparing a bit of new year’s growth from a tree with a chunk of wood you’ve just cut from the trunk. In any event, I was wowed. I hope they continue this series with future releases.


    1. It is good stuff alright – although in fairness I have also had some bottles of Inocente that just sing. Still, glad you enjoyed it and many thanks for commenting!


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