An old bottle of La Ina

One of the classics, and here in a classic form, a bottle that must be ten years or so old, with the famous name of Domecq across the top. I tried this one at the bar of Territorio Era (a top spot if you want to try bottle aged and other rare sherries).

As you can see, the colour has certainly evolved in that time. It is beautifully clear but has taken on a hue halfway between yellow and orange amber.  On the nose it is nutty and baked applet but just a little bit flat – not a big aromatic profile. Then on the palate it is dry and saline and, again, almond and baked apple flavours, with a bitter finish.

Very interesting – although maybe short on exuberance.


3 thoughts on “An old bottle of La Ina

  1. ever had the Amontillado 51-1a? I think the solera was repurchased and rereleased by another company. The earlier bottles with the plainer labels seem to me to be much better. Later somewhat out of balance to VA. John Trombley


    1. I have had the 51 1a yes indeed and yes – a Domecq solera that was acquired by Osborne. Have heard the same comment before but never done a head to head. Must do so one day


  2. That ls fascinating–I’m not imagining things. I’d pay the tariff for the earlier, Domeq-released bottles; not so for the Osborne ones. I think this shows up some of the delicacy of the warehousing/bota selection process, and how the experts who were involved in raising up a solera are the best ones for keeping it.


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