Tintilla Nude 2016

A lot of data in the above photo – as you can see we have a red wine, made by Barbadillo, which I had a go at at an event in Lavinia (metadata would reveal that the event in question was this year’s Feria de Vinos last Friday) and there is even a reflection of the inept cameraman.

I am, however, pretty pleased with the composition here because it shows off one of the qualities of this wine – just look at the colour of it. Such is the density of colour in the wine that the bottle appears fully black, to the point that when opened and poured it comes as a shock that the glass is absolutely clear. This is almost certainly where this grape gets its name (tintilla meaning “little ink”) and it strikes me as a neat bit of packaging by Barbadillo (although the brand name is not the easiest for the locals to pronounce).

The wine is also pretty good it must be said, and again surprising. When you look at that colour (it paints the glass pretty handily too) you are half expecting something structured and concentrated, even sweet or port-like, but the actual wine is all red fruits on the nose and dry and refreshing on the palate. It hasn’t had any time in the barrel at all and is extremely drinkable – I was surprised to find that it was 14.5% because it comes across as lighter.

According to the ficha 2000 bottles were made – I guess they may need to make a few more than that.





5 thoughts on “Tintilla Nude 2016

  1. Good to see this post. I’ve been enjoying Nude since its release and purchased directly from the Barbadillo shop – sadly no longer available. I’m not sure but the trial bottlings may have used empty Castillo de San Diego bottles – unlabeled but light green. The format is the same anyway. Co-incidentally I had my last bottle recently at Sanlucar’s El Espejo followed by many glasses of Encrucijado 2014 late into the night in esteemed company. Ironically it was the Nude that had a lot of sediment but not the latter!


    1. Update – I was wrong, A visit to the shop last week to load up on the Saca de primavera 2017 revealed they had stock of the Nude. I had a good look at the bottle later and could not make out any reference to the grape variety. I’ve always assumed in was 100% Tintilla de Rota but surprised not to see it mentioned. Must ask next time…


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