Fino Tradicion, Saca de Noviembre 2016

The latest saca from this excellent and improving series of wines, fresh in at Territorio Era. These winter sacas (they produce two a year in May and November respectively) tend to have more volume, punch and toasted, oxidated notes and this is no exception.

A pure beautiful crystaline brass of gold colour, it has a big punchy nose of salty sea air and esparto grass (natch) with a mix of older yeast, citrus and over-roasted almonds. On the palate it has real zing – a lot of saline action from start to finish – with again nice layers of flavours of nuts/burnt nuts and citrus/bitter citrus. Dry but flavourful and it lasts and lasts, with that sharp, crisp saline edge all the while.

Really excellent. I generally like the May sacas even more so look forward to that one!


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